Cristiane Namiuti – A Guide to Supporting Strong Sales Teams

By Cristiane Namiuti

Successful brand activation can be traced back to creative sales teams who were able to push through a thousand hypotheticals. Building the dynamic to make this sort of collaboration possible takes a great deal of passion because leaders have the responsibility of pulling out each team member’s best work by using the following techniques:

  • Know how to motivate your team members on both a collective and individual basis. Some people enjoy public recognition after completing a successful task or project while others may prefer the same recognition in a more personal setting. This also pertains to specific work styles. Being aware of the types of conditions in which each team member thrives is key.
  • Allow your team members to act as autonomous parts of the same machine. They will need guidance in goal setting, direction, and support, but give them the space to explore creative solutions both collaboratively and individually. Encourage questions and conversations, but try to avoid micromanaging.
  • Encourage all team members to take part in giving praise when it’s due. While providing recognition is always useful when warranted, collectively recognizing effort and achievement as a group builds morale and increases motivation to unite. Make it a part of your team culture.

Cristiane Namiuti is a marketing and brand development professional who has a passion for inspiring and motivating both external and internal teams to achieve the best results possible. She has served as a brand marketing manager for Unilever as well as numerous cosmetic companies such as O Boticário, Nazca Cosméticos, and Bare Escentuals.