Search Engine Optimization – Two Outdated Strategies To Avoid

By Cristiane Namiuti

The online space has become extremely important in the modern marketing environment, with many consumers now relying on the information they glean from websites to help them make decisions. This has led to many companies focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) so they can achieve visibility when consumers search for key terms related to their businesses. This field is constantly evolving and there are many techniques that either no longer work or place businesses at risk of penalization within search engines, such as:

  1. Keyword Stuffing

If you have ever read a piece of online content that seemed to be trying too hard to stuff key terms into places where they don’t belong you will have seen an example of keyword stuffing. This is when webmasters try to include mention of desirable key terms wherever they can, paying little attention to relevance or the user experience, in an effort to manipulate search rankings.

  1. Buying Links

The quality of the backlinks that point to a site are used by search engines as an indicator of the site’s quality. In years gone by, SEO professionals have manipulated search results by purchasing backlinks from less reputable websites in an effort to create quantity over quality. This tactic is still used and can attain short-term success. However, it also opens the website up to punishments for unnatural linking in the long-term.

About The Author – Cristiane Namiuti is a brand marketing professional fascinated by digital marketing.

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